Университет Томаша Бати в Злине - Tomas Bata University in Zlin

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Университет Томаша Бати в Злине

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Tomas Bata University in Zlín, TBU, is a dynamically growing higher education institution with six faculties offering programmes in humanities, natural sciences, technology and art. It is one of the most prominent centres of research in the Czech Republic and worldwide. 

TBU follows a longstanding tradition of the Faculty of Technology which was founded in Zlín in 1969 and since then has educated hundreds of highly-qualified professionals. The University is named after the originator of the shoe industry in Zlín and a world-famous entrepreneur Tomáš Bata (1876 – 1932).

Today Tomas Bata University in Zlín offers programmes taught in either Czech language or English language at the Bachelor's, Master's and PhD levels. Tuition is offered in all the faculties in both full-time and part-time programmes. The faculties are:

  • Faculty of Technology;
  • Faculty of Management and Economics;
  • Faculty of Multimedia Communications;
  • Faculty of Applied Informatics;
  • Faculty of Humanities;
  • Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management.

Some of the university’s most successful research is focused on the rheology of polymers, enzymatic hydrolysis of leather-processing waste, know-how in the manufacture of prophylactic footwear, historical footwear. These were undertaken by the Faculty of Technology and the Polymer Centre.

Top scientists in their field are members of the TBU teaching staff. Some of them are Prof. Milan Zelený, a world-famous economist, Prof. Karel Kolomazník, a laureate of the Rolex Award for Enterprise called “a mini Nobel Prize”. Prof. Martin Zatloukal, an Exxon Mobil Chemical European Science and Engineering Award laureate and many others.

UWB is ranked 95th by QS EECA University Rankings 2016 among universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia.

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BAs in Information and Control Technologies and English for Business Administration, as well as MAs in Business Administration, Finance, IT, Management and Marketing, Integrated Systems in Buildings and Security Technologies, Systems and Management are available in English. All graduates are assessed according to the European Credit Transfer System  - i.e. TBU degrees are internationally recognised.

A high quality university is characterized by advanced research and development. Some areas of research such as polymer engineering, chemistry or automation and technology process control, have earned TBU excellent reputation abroad.

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Tomas Bata University in Zlin
nám. T. G. Masaryka 5555,
Zlín, Czech Republic
760 01
Czech Republic
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+420 576 038 120
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Located in the central Europe, in southeastern Moravia, the seat of the Zlín Region, on the Dřevnice River, it is a town with a unique atmosphere. Zlín has been developed as a garden town, therefore, schools, clubs, cafés and the country are situated within walking distance.