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The New School is a private avant-garde university based in Greenwich Village, New York and founded in 1919 as institution dedicated to intellectual and artistic freedom. In 1933, its graduate school became the University in Exile - a haven for scholars fleeing anti-intellectual regimes such as fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. For these reasons as well as due to a conflict at Columbia University in New York, the school is associated with outstanding figures such as economist Thorstein Veblen, psychologist Erich Fromm, political philosopher Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss and philosopher Hans Jonas.

The New School’s uniqueness comes from the combination between a world-famous design school - Parsons - with a highly regarded liberal arts college - Eugene Lang, arts college and graduate programs. The university puts emphasis on the collaboration between journalists with designers, architects with social researchers, media specialists with activists, poets with musicians. The schools are based in the New York City, Paris, Shanghai and Mumbai.

The New School has more than 138 degree and diploma programs and majors as well as more than 50 minors housed in our five colleges:

  • Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts;
  • College of Performing Arts;
  • Schools of Public Engagement;
  • The New School for Social Research;
  • Parsons School of Design.     

Rather than requiring general education courses the New School’s curriculum is “student-driven” and encourages students to explore several topics before focusing on a concentration. The New School was the first university to offer the history of film and one of the first to make courses in photography and jazz available. 

The New School is an amalgamation of a world-famous design school, a premier liberal arts college, a renowned performing arts school, a legendary social research school. It offers advanced degree programs created to challenge and support freethinkers who want to change the world. 

Some outstanding alumni include fashion designer Donna Karan, actor Bradley Cooper, jazz drummer Ali Jackson, designer Marc Jacobs, Ana Oliveira, President of New York Women’s Foundation, actor Marlon Brando, Chief Creative Officer at Google Robert Wong, advertising executive Richard Silverstein and Jeanine Liburd, Executive Vice President at Black Entertainment Television. 

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The most popular majors by the number of registered students are fashion and apparel design, liberal arts and humanities, graphic design, fashion and apparel merchandising, fine and studio arts management, studio arts, interior design and literature.

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New School
66 West 12th Street New York,
United States
NY 10011
United States
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The New School is located in Greenwich Village, New York, 5 minutes from Hudson River, near Manhattan. It is 1,5 hours from Philadelphia by car.