SHG International Hospitality and Business Schools - SHG International Hospitality and Business Schools

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SHG International Hospitality and Business Schools

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SHG is the leader in education, with 12 private universities worldwide, specialized in International Hotel Management and International Business Management.

SHG schools are the only ones to provide 6 month paid-internships to each student every school year.

Born originally in Switzerland, SHG has now private universities all around the world, mainly in Europe. We teach Hotel Management & Business Management for under and post-graduate students, for instance Bachelor Program in 3 years and MBA programs in 2 years. 

Our students come from all over the world with or without any previous experience. The main language used at school is English. Each year, for each program, we deliver 6-months intensive courses in our schools; afterwards, students do paid-internships also for 6-months. It is a mix of theoretical and working experiences. 

Thanks to this concept, to our experience and our quality of education, we train students to become future leaders so that, after graduation, they may land managerial positions anywhere in the world. This is our goal: to train the largest number of students to become the best managers.

Our Vision

SHG aims at delivering the highest quality teaching in every region where we are present. Our vision: to continue offering the best Hospitality & Business Management Schools.

Our vision is to keep offering the best quality education. Each SHG school across the world aims at being the best in the country.

At SHG, we plan to open schools in as many countries as possible and in all major cities: SHG Group aims to continue its worldwide development towards at least 50 schools by 2030.

Furthermore, SHG will own 100% of each school, to ensure the best quality, the best management and success for all SHG students.

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Академическая специализация

SHG Swiss Hospitality Group specializes in Hospitality & Business, which we teach in our several Hotel Management & Business schools to students from all over the world.

Each school teaches Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate courses to students wishing to become managers. Tuitions vary from one school to another depending on the country and market characteristics;  SHG aims to offer the best quality education in business and hospitality in every country where we are present.

In addition, each SHG School offers short-term training for professionals in Business or Hospitality. Each course takes place during 5 days in our premises.

SHG Schools are also language schools where we teach languages every evening and on weekends to students living in the city or nearby.


Usually, while studying in a university, one must follow the whole program at that same campus. This means, 3 years in Bachelor and 2 years for MBA. At SHG, this was also the case, and students could travel only for internships.

However, SHG is expanding and there are now many SHG schools around the world. The study programs are the same in each school, since they are all carefully elaborated at our headquarters in Geneva. In addition, each SHG school is fully owned and 100 % managed by SHG, so that every SHG school offers the very same program with the same quality.

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SHG International Hospitality and Business Schools
Route De Peney 2, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland
10 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France
Triangle Building Plaza Catalonia 1, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Av. Marquês de Tomar 76, Lisboa Portugal
20 Wenlock Road, Hoxton, London, N1 7FA, United Kingdom
31 Avenue Jean Médecin / 8 Rue de Russie 06000, Nice
72 Allée de la Robertsau 67000 Strasbourg, France
Cancun, Mexico
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+41 (0) 22 518 72 90
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SHG Swiss Hospitality Group has 12 private universities all around the world for now in the following cities and countries:

  • SHG Geneva (Switzerland)
  • SHG Paris (France)
  • SHG London (United Kingdom)
  • SHG Barcelona (Spain)
  • SHG Portugal
  • SHG Lyon (France)
  • SHG Milano (Italy)
  • SHG Strasbourg (France)
  • SHG Nice (France)
  • SHG Marseille (France)
  • SHG Greece
  • SHG Cancun (Mexico)

The Admissions Center for all SHG Schools is located in Geneva.