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  • The University of Ulster, located in Northern Ireland, was founded in 1984 and comprises four campuses, (Belfast, Coleraine, Magee (Londonderry) and Jordanstown).
  • The university can trace its roots back to 1845 when Magee College was established in Derry/Londonderry and 1849, when the School of Art and Design was inaugurated in Belfast.
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  • There are 14 subjects at Ulster that have been rated as excellent.
  • Academic strengths are in line with Ulster's recognised strengths in research.
University of Ulster
Cromore Road
BT52 1SA
United Kingdom
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+44 (0)28 7034 4141
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  • All campuses are served by excellent bus and train networks throughout all of Ireland.
  • There are regular ferry services to Scotland and England, and Northern Ireland's three regional airports serve many GB and international destinations.