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Чешский агротехнический университет

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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, CULS, is an institution of higher agricultural education and research in the Czech Republic established in 1906. 

The basis of agricultural education in Czech lands dwells deep in the former Austrian Empire, more than two centuries ago. A department of agriculture started at the Prague University in 1788. The first professors introduced an advanced concept of agricultural education. The department was transferred to the Technical Institute of Czech Estates in 1812 and all the agricultural sciences programmes were offered to the young rural population in 1845.

Today CULS it is the third largest university in Prague. It has a large beautiful campus in a quiet and study-friendly environment nearby the golden city of Prague, in the heart of Europe. It is a temporary home for more than 20 000 students and over 1000 faculty and staff members, including visiting scholars.

CULS research is focused in food production, biotechnology, bioeconomy, environmental protection, specific aspects of sociology, economics as well in technical engineering and forestry sciences. Research often leads to important discoveries, e.g. concerning ethology of domestic and wild animals,  biotechnology and biomedicine, as well as strategic studies in social adaptability to situations caused by changes in the natural and socio-economic environment.

The university offers bachelor, master programmes based on credit system and PhD theirs.

The University also offers five two-year MSc programmes taught in English - Economics and Management, Natural Resources and Environment Forestry, Water and Landscape Management, Informatics, Technology and Environmental Engineering.

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According to actual global trends CULS specializes in the crucial areas of safety in the food chain and protection of the biosphere; in environmentally friendly management and alternative energy production. The Faculty of Economics and Management, the largest Faculty of the university, offers more courses focusing on the rural, modern sectors of economy, up-to-date management of private, corporate & state enterprises. 

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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Kamýcká 961/129,
Praha 6-Suchdol-Praha-Suchdol, Czech Republic
165 21
Czech Republic
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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is situated on the River Vltava in central Bohemia. Although CULS campus is situated in the outskirts of Prague, it is only 30 minutes away from the centre by public transport. The magic of Prague, the reputation of CULS as a student-centred higher education institution and a large bilingual university make CULS very attractive to the international students. Students and teachers are partners in education, research and even in free time. Students do not simply get educated, they learn life. CULS is a life sciences university and thus interaction between students and teachers is also full of life.