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Университет штата Колорадо

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Founded in 1870 as the Colorado Agricultural College under the Morrill Act, signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln, Colorado State University is now among the nation's leading research universities and the “university of choice” for Colorado residents. 

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountain Foothills in Fort Collins, Colorado, CSU offers access to the natural beauty of the American west. Nearly 300 sun-filled days per year allow for plenty of extracurricular activities such as hiking, biking or skiing. 

Instrumental in its success are the faculty at CSU who provide an enriching and rewarding student learning experience. The approach — based on the land-grant philosophy — combines intellectual classroom pursuits with hands-on experience in the field and laboratory.

CSU is considered one of the leading research universities, and faculty and students work together to explore fields such as atmospheric science, infectious diseases, clean energy technologies and environmental science.

CSU consistently ranks as a top tier university in U.S. News and World Report’s rankings of “America’s Best Colleges and Universities” and recently ranked #1 in sustainability for the “Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System.” 

CSU world-class research in infectious disease, atmospheric science, clean energy technologies, environmental science, and biomedical technology attract more than $300 million in research funding annually. The university’s professional programs in veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, journalism, agriculture, and construction management are ranked among the nation's best. 

In the 2015 edition, U.S. News & World Report's "Best Colleges" ranked CSU as #121 among public and private national universities and the 58th among public universities.

CSU graduates include Pulitzer Prize winners, astronauts, CEOs and two former governors of Colorado: Wayne Allard - United States Senator from Colorado, James Van Hoften – astronaut, Walter Scott, Jr. - Former CEO Peter Kiewit Sons' Incorporated, Level 3 Communications & Berkshire Hathaway Chairman, Christine Perich - CEO of New Belgium Brewing Company and many others.

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Colorado State, also known as CSU, offers more than 150 degrees in eight colleges. In addition to its notable programs in biomedical sciences, engineering, environmental science, agriculture, and human health and nutrition, CSU offers professional programs in disciplines including business, journalism, and construction management as well as in the liberal and performing arts, humanities, and social sciences. 

The most popular majors are Business Administration and Management, Human Development and Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

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Colorado State University
200 West Lake Street Fort Collins,
Colorado, United States
CO 80523
United States
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Colorado State University is located in Fort Collins, a midsize city at the base of the Rocky Mountains, less than an hour north of Denver.