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Founded in 1785, the University of Georgia, UGA, is the first state-chartered institution in America. Based in Athens, Georgia, and roughly 60 miles northeast of state capital Atlanta’s downtown, UGA lays claim to being the birthplace of the American system of public higher education.

UGA is made up of 17 academic schools and colleges, the first of which to be established was the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences in 1801, and the most recent being the College of Engineering, in 2012.

The university offers 25 baccalaureate degrees in over 140 fields, 34 masters in 130 fields, specialist education degrees in 18 fields, four doctoral degrees in 98 areas, and professional degrees in law, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.  Additionally, UGA offers in excess of 170 study abroad and exchange programmes. It also has three international residential centres based in Oxford (England), Cortana (Italy) and in Costa Rica.

UGA is home to many of the state’s most notable landmarks and places of interest, including the Georgia State Botanical Garden, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History and the Georgia Writer’s Hall of Fame.

The university is recognized as having high research activity. More than 300 different products originating from UGA research are on the market. It has an active student body and is home to more than 600 registered student organisations, including 32 fraternities and 26 sororities.

U.S. News & World Report ranked the university's undergraduate program as tied for the 56th overall among national universities and tied for the 18th overall among public national universities in its 2017 rankings. 

Twenty-six governors have been graduates of the University of Georgia, along with numerous federal and state judges, U.S. and state senators and representatives, as well as leaders in science, medicine, teaching, the arts, writing and journalism, history, public administration, social sciences, etc. 

Josh Holloway, actor, known for his role as James "Sawyer" Ford on the television show Lost; all four members of the popular alternative rock band R.E.M; M. Michele Burns, board member of Wal-Mart, Cisco Systems and Goldman Sachs attended the university.

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The most popular majors by the number of students are business/marketing, communications/journalism, biology, social sciences, education, psychology.

One unique offering at UGA is the Eugene P. Odum School of Ecology, the first school of its kind when it was launched in 2007.

In 2011, the University of Georgia's Terry College of business insurance and real estate programs were ranked respectively the 2nd and the 4th in the nation. The management information systems program was ranked the 10th, while accounting program was ranked the 16th in the nation.

The general undergraduate program was ranked the 28th, and the Terry College MBA program ranks the 19th among public institutions in the 2015 Forbes rankings. Terry's masters accounting program and the undergraduate accounting programs were ranked the 11th in the nation by Public Accounting Report.  Businessweek named Terry's executive MBA program the 14th in the nation.

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The University of Georgia
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Located in northeast Georgia, Athens has grown alongside the University of Georgia and its students for the past two centuries. The Classic City, 70 miles from Atlanta, as it is known, mixes small-town charm and comfort with a progressive atmosphere and a rich art, music and intellectual culture.