MSc, Economics, Behaviour and Policy, Radboud University Nijmegen

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Radboud University Nijmegen, MSc, Economics, Behaviour and Policy



Форма обучен. Начало Продолж. Стоимость иностран. Период оплаты Академ. год
Дневное сен Кол-во лет: 1 €9432 Academic year 2017
How to make smarter, more effective economic policy? Looking at psychology and sociology in economic theory and policy design will bridge the gap between theory and practice. Economic policy affects individuals, the performance of organisations and that of the government. It impacts all domains of society, ranging from the economy to social issues. We face complex tasks when designing a policy that is effective, and also when assessing its impact. How do we define and measure welfare? And how do we design more effective policies? This specialisation starts with mainstream economic theory, and incorporates a variety of perspectives from psychology, sociology, public choice, political economy, culture, and philosophy. By introducing behavioural insights into complex policy questions, we prepare you to understand and design successful policies in your future career as a policy maker, manager, analyst or consultant, in public or private organisations.

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All the university buildings and facilities, and the university hospital are located on the former Heyendael estate in Nijmegen, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Nijmegen lies close to the border with Germany, on the banks of the River Waal. It is about 1.5 hours by train from Amerstdam Schiphol airport, and around 45 minutes by bus from Airport Weeze in Germany. Nijmegen is a lively college town with some great neighborhoods. There are grocery stores, bakeries and drug stores in most neighborhoods, so you are never far from the basics.The city is easily accessible by train and car. Cycling is the best way to get around Nijmegen. There is a bus service, but no tram or metro.