MA, Graphic Design, Борнмутский университет искусств, Arts University Bournemouth

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Борнмутский университет искусств, MA, Graphic Design


Форма обучен. Начало Продолж. Стоимость иностран. Стоимость UK/ EU Период оплаты Академ. год
Дневное сентябрь Кол-во лет: 1 £16950 £7000 Academic year 2019 - 2020

The MA Graphic Design course encourages designers to explore ways of developing understanding between communicators.

You will do this by systematically interrogating design practice, by using design methods to analyse and comprehend situations and behaviour, and by generating alternative and novel visual solutions.

Students apply to the course predominantly from graphic design courses, but are welcomed from a variety of backgrounds (if they can show an aptitude for typography) where they may have studied photography, architecture, illustration, interaction design, 3D design, fine art, or subjects such as journalism, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, or sociology.

Whatever your background, you will be required to reflect on your worldview; the underlying assumptions and understanding that guides and constrains your practice, and to use this reflection as a starting point.

Your practice can take many forms: it can be self-expressive, or socially orientated; print, print, screen-based or three-dimensional. It can focus on an aspect of a well-defined area of design, such as branding, experimental typography, publishing, and user-centred design, or on something more unconventional that is defined as part of your study. Graphic Designers often work in groups, sometimes comprising members from different disciplines.

The MA Graphic Design course provides opportunities to work in interdisciplinary ways because it sits alongside the courses of other disciplines. Many of the taught sessions, such as the introduction to research methods and processes, occur in these interdisciplinary groups. At other times, you will be developing your project with your supervisor and other students on your course. This will require you to develop a theoretical framework, methodology and research methods that support your research focus.