BA (Hons), Литературное творчество, Новый университет Бакингемшира - Creative Writing, Buckinghamshire New University

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Новый университет Бакингемшира, BA (Hons), Литературное творчество


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Дневное n/a Кол-во лет: 3
The course offers the opportunity to learn how to write prose fiction, poetry, and scripts for radio, stage and screen; it specialises in developing the student's imaginative writing, and enables them to understand how creative texts make meaning and communicate with their audiences; at each level practical workshops are used to enable students to learn and practise the techniques of different forms of writing, and they are part of a writing community of students and lecturers sharing and commenting on the writing produced; everyone receives support for their work and has the opportunity to learn from others; for those who are considering professional writing, the journalism modules available in each year provide the opportunity to acquire key practical skills and experience.

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