Professional Diploma, Marketing (level 6), Кембриджский колледж маркетинга, Cambridge Marketing College

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Кембриджский колледж маркетинга, Professional Diploma, Marketing (level 6)


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Вечернее n/a Кол-во мес: 12
Вечернее n/a Кол-во мес: 12
Онлайн n/a Кол-во мес: 12 - 24
This qualification is intended for marketers who are concerned with managing the marketing process at an operational level, as well as those who are looking to build on the knowledge gained at professional certificate level with a future marketing management role in mind; the content of the course has been put together following consultation with employers to ensure that they gain relevant competencies for various stages of their marketing career; this course is worth 60 credits; students who require face to face support can attend the following sessions: Evening classes in Cambridge; executive weekends in Cambridge, Manchester and Plymouth; Saturday seminars in Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Guildford, and Nottingham.

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