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Дневное янв, апр, окт Кол-во мес: 9 €13490 Academic year 2020
The Online Master in Digital Business aims to tackle the challenges in the world of business which is ever-growing and progressing. Students of GBSB Global Business School’s Online Master in Digital Business are prepared to strive in an exceedingly digitalized economy, offering them training in specialized skills in online advertising, big data management, digital marketing, analytics and social media. These proficiencies give GBSB Global students the competitive edge over others. Transform the business world and how business is managed by gaining an Online Master in Digital Business. This Master program is highly innovative and provides students with a broad and insightful education. The online professors at GBSB Global are active professionals who offer both knowledge and experience into the digital business realm through using a variety multimedia teaching methodologies and techniques. Represent the evolution of technology and create positive changes in the digital world. Achieve an Online Master in Digital Business and unlock your potential in the world of digital business.

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