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Университет прикладных наук Инхолланд, BS, Aeronautical Engineering


Форма обучен. Начало Продолж. Стоимость иностран. Период оплаты Академ. год
Дневное сен Кол-во лет: 4 €7921 Academic year 2018 - 2019
You will graduate from the Aeronautical Engineering bachelor's degree programme as a Bachelor of Science in the broad field of the aircraft and space industry. The focus of this four-year programme will be on designing and constructing aircraft and aircraft components. You will learn about engineering in general and you will gain practical experience during your work placements. The Aeronautical Engineering department of Inholland Delft works closely with Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). You will be able to make full use of the facilities available at TU Delft, such as the wind tunnel. You will also have access to the university library. What is more, TU Delft has a huge collection of aircraft components as well as fully-assembled aircraft.

Specializations & Graduation 

The graduation specialisations will allow you to tailor the final two years of your programme to your personal interests and ambitions. You can opt for differentiation minors not only in Delft, but also at other establishments belonging to Inholland University of Applied Sciences. You can also pursue certain study components abroad.
The two main specialisation tracks are:
- Design and Development 
- Lightweight Structures 

Work placements

Important components of the Aeronautical Engineering programme are the three internships. The first one consists of gaining practical experience at a company. This might involve welding, turning and assembly work. In the third year, you will spend at least twenty weeks at a company in the Netherlands or abroad. You will acquire new experiences and will perform one or more assignments. The graduation project tends to be an assignment by a company that culminates in a report which will serve as your thesis.


The programme is taught in Delft.

Career prospectives

With a Bachelor of Science you will be able to work anywhere in (aeronautical) engineering. With the knowledge and skills you will have acquired, you will also be able to work outside the aviation industry as, for example, an engineer in research and development agencies or automotive industry. Examples of jobs that will be within your reach as an Aeronautical Engineering graduate are:
Flight  engineering 
Structural engineering
Lead engineering
Stress engineering

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Программы с преподаванием на английском языке реализуются в четырех кампусах на территории Рандстада: в Димене (Амстердам), Харлеме, Гааге и Делфте.

— Кампус в Димене: среднего размера университетских город, расположен в черте Амстердама. До кампуса можно легко добраться на общественном транспорте, в том числе, на метро, автобусах и поездах.

— Харлем: столица провинции Северная Голландия, знаменит своим знаменитым старым городом и рядом лучших музеев и торговых центров Нидерландов.

— Гаага: небольшой гаагский кампус расположен меньше, чем в 10 минутах ходьбы от Центрального вокзала Гааги и в непосредственной близости от побережья, центра города и уютных ресторанов.

— Делфт: старинный город с богатой и удивительной историей,знаменит на весь мир как один из ведущих центров развития технологий. Университет прикладных наук Инхолланд в Делфте размещается в оборудованных по последнему слову техники корпусах, принадлежащих Делфтскому техническому университету.