International Foundation Diploma in Biomedical Sciences, Management Development Institute of Singapore

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Management Development Institute of Singapore, International Foundation Diploma, International Foundation Diploma in Biomedical Sciences


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Дневное фев, июл Кол-во мес: 7 SGD.8774 Whole course 2018 - 2018

Programme Aims and Objectives

The International Foundation Diploma in Biomedical Sciences programme is designed to foster opportunities for entry into the life science industry and as an avenue for students to embark on further professional development and is particularly suited for:

Students who wish to pursue higher education in Biomedical Sciences or Biotechnology, as well as a host of other disciplines.

Professionals who lack previous exposure to the sciences but are involved in the life sciences industry or are preparing for entry into that industry.

Individuals who wish to pursue an alternative career path and those who have a keen interest in the discipline will also find the programme a rewarding first step into the diverse field of biological sciences. Members of the cosmetics, food, legal, teaching, banking and environmental professions who would also find the programme of individual benefit to their knowledge base.

Assessment Methods

Progress is measured through coursework (such as practical assignments, quizzes or tests) and examinations.


Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded the International Foundation Diploma in Biomedical Sciences, awarded by MDIS.

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MDIS is based in Singapore, an independent city-state located on the island in Southeast Asia. Singapore is located approximately 137 kilometres north of the equator. It comprises the main island of Singapore and some 63 offshore islands. Singapore is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.