Diploma, Practical Filmmaking, Городская кинематографическая школа, Metropolitan Film School

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Городская кинематографическая школа, Diploma, Practical Filmmaking


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Course developed in partnership with the National Film and Television School; students are introduced to all aspects of filmmaking in a series of practical workshops; at the same time they write and develop a short film which is directed with the support of a professional crew; students undertake workshops with working industry professionals in all of the key areas of filmmaking: script development, director’s craft, directing actors, camera and lighting (including high definition), sound, editing and production management; documentary can be taken an elective; students also participate in a series of film analysis sessions where a film is screened and discussed in a specific context; students also develop a 2nd film script with the support of a professional script editor; students then have 3 months in which to make their graduation film; any outstanding films will be selected for additional screenings as part of the main feature by City Screen, the UK’s largest art house cinema group; after completion of the film, students are given an insider's guide to the film industry, and the opportunities afforded by digital production, distribution and exhibition; an optional course provides key business skills.

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