BA (Hons), История Шотландии, Колледж Северный Хайленд (UNI институт Миллениум) - Scottish History, North Highland College (UHI Millennium Institute)

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Колледж Северный Хайленд (UNI институт Миллениум), BA (Hons), История Шотландии


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Дневное n/a Кол-во лет: 0 - 4
Students study Scottish history, with a focus on modern history from 1500 to the present, and provide detailed examination of key themes in the country's history; the history of the Highlands and Islands region is at the heart of a number of degree modules, and students also study wider elements of British, European, Atlantic and American history; a key element of the degree is to provide both comparative and interdisciplinary approaches and permit the study of Scottish history within the context of broader themes; additionally, students are given the opportunity to engage with and analyse a variety of contemporary sources so that they can better practice and discuss the role of history as an academic discipline.

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