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Университет Оксфорд Брукс, MBA, Oxford Brookes MBA


Compulsory modules

Critical Approaches to Business

On this module you will develop your knowledge of a range of research related approaches, methods and techniques appropriate to MBA study. You will be introduced to research methodology, and how research is written, circulated and evaluated. You will have the opportunity to explore and critique current research in business and management, while considering ethical and responsible business issues.

Personal and Professional Development

Designed to support you throughout your MBA, the Personal and Professional Development module helps you focus on your career and professional development throughout the programme. This important module starts at your induction and culminates with an assessment of your Career Plan at the end of your programme. How you use your MBA, your progress and your future career are important elements within the Action Plan. This gives you a personal plan to guide you through your future working life.

Global Business Environment

On this module you will develop the tools required to analyse the wider business environment, industry structure and business dynamics. You will be introduced to, and encouraged to critically discuss, the concepts, models and techniques that you will use throughout the MBA programme.

Developing Leadership Capability

Effective leadership is seen by organisations across the globe as a key contributor to organisational success. This module will help you to appreciate the importance of good leadership. Exploring the challenges faced by leadership, you will look at maintaining sustainable and responsible management in an unpredictable environment while developing your own personal leadership capabilities.

Market and Supply Analysis

In order to succeed in senior management, you need a broad understanding of management processes, organisational needs, and the contribution of central business functions to success. On this Market and Supply Analysis module, you will develop your understanding of marketing, operations management and supply chain management. The market and supply are combined to create a rounded view of the organisation and you work in diverse groups to help emphasise the global nature of these processes.

Entrepreneurial Behaviours and Practices

We recognise that tomorrow's organisations require innovative managers and employees. Focusing on entrepreneurial understanding, attitudes and behaviours, this module will sharpen your ability to operate in the global marketplace. You will experience a rich mix of teaching and learning strategies. Sessions range from lectures and workshops to practical simulation, individual reflection, and spontaneous participant discussion.

Accounting and Finance for Managers

Accounting is a core element of any business, instrumental in planning and central to organisational strategy. As such these are important areas for a manager to understand and to be able to ask the right questions to those preparing the financial information. This module will help you develop a greater understanding of accounting, giving you a better foundation for reporting, analysing and decision making based on financial data.

Integrated Workshop 1

Drawing together the four holistic themes of collaboration, creativity, connections and commercial practise, you will link your learning to the development of leadership skills through the residential workshop. Everyone takes part in group leadership challenges, working as a group to find creative solutions to real-life organisational problems. As well as leadership skills, you enhance your communication and team-working skills and are encouraged to develop a holistic view of organisations and the global business environment.

Global Strategy and Innovation

We will look at the challenges facing executives when pursuing growth and innovation in a globalising business world. You will explore opportunity-identification, global strategies, corporate expansion and new ways to do business. We concentrate on the entrepreneurial spirit of the executive in a dynamic world environment.

Integrated Workshop 2

In Integrated Workshop 2 you will continue to link your leadership development and managerial skills in an increasingly critical way. The workshop allows you to fully explore your final personal project ideas, working with your peers to complete this process.

Optional modules

Digital Strategy and Leadership

You will learn about the organisational challenges and opportunities for digital innovation and transformation. You will understand the strategic and leadership issues managers face and the concepts, theories and frameworks to use in response. You explore developments in digital technologies and how to develop and justify digital strategy. You will learn about the importance of IT leadership, management and the changing relationships with IT experts and business personnel.

This module is studied by distance learning.

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

Entrepreneurial people learn by doing, often within the context of uncertainty. You will be taught in a way that encourages responsible entrepreneurial behaviour. You will have the opportunity to gain real, practical-based experience whilst working on a company project. We aim to develop your entrepreneurial aspirations by promoting your values and self-belief.

Studied on a block basis on campus and involves a study trip.

Global Marketing Strategy

The growing nature of global business has led to an increase in global marketing strategies. You will learn about how to create sustainable competitive advantage within the world market, developing products that have universal application and appeal. Because more and more companies now face competition from overseas, you need to know how to compete in a challenging global economic market.

This module can be studied by distance learning or on campus on a block basis.

Planning for a New Business Ventures

You will develop the necessary skills to start and run your own business, or to be involved in the growth of an existing business. You will evaluate business models in terms of their economic viability, ability to deliver and quality of deliverance. You will create your own business plan for a new venture or an existing business.

This module can be studied by distance learning or on campus on a block basis.

Project and Contract Management

You will focus on principles, practices and techniques vital to leading and managing business projects. You develop the skills to ensure projects are delivered on time, to a high quality and meet budgets. You explore project environments and the critical role of stakeholders. Approaches and techniques to plan, control and deliver projects successfully give you the essential tools for decision making. You learn to influence and negotiate with stakeholders and to understand the commercial and contractual aspects of supplier management.

This module is studied by distance learning.

Strategic Accounting and Finance

Your study will be focused around the corporate lifecycle. You will develop your knowledge of business models, techniques and theories, while learning more advanced methods, applying your new knowledge to a company's strategic position. You will engage in individual problem solving and group investigations, exploring issues in financial management through case studies, exercises and virtual presentations.

This module is studied by distance learning.

Service Marketing and Operations Management

While studying this module you will raise your awareness of modern management theories, relating to both public and private service operations. Your work will build upon the expertise within our teaching team, using simulations, modelling and case material to put you in analytical decision-making roles. We will critically assess commercial practices and question similar roles within the public sphere.

This module is studied by distance learning.

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