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Шотландский сельскохозяйственный колледж, Эр, HND, Green Technology


Форма обучен. Начало Продолж.
Дневное октябрь Кол-во лет: 2
The course equips students with technical and scientific skills which, when combined with an understanding of environmental issues and the land-based industries, enables them to contribute to the future development of sustainable technologies in rural areas; the 1st year provides a solid grounding in scientific principles and technical skills, together with study of land use and environmental issues; this sets the foundation for more advanced studies in small-scale renewable energy systems, green building technologies, energy efficiency, habitat restoration, waste management, recycling and pollution control; modules in climate change, environmental economics, business management, legislation, planning and environmental impact assessment provide the background on the application of these technologies; students also have the opportunity to undertake case studies and research projects into topics of their choice; another major theme of the course is the production, and processing, of specialised crops for biofuels, fibre, pharmaceuticals and industrial raw materials.

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