MSc, Environmental Protection and Management, Шотландский сельскохозяйственный колледж, Эдинбург, Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh

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Шотландский сельскохозяйственный колледж, Эдинбург, MSc, Environmental Protection and Management


Форма обучен. Начало Продолж.
Дневное сентябрь Кол-во мес: 12
This course provides a scientific understanding of some of the major processes which influence the quality of land, air, water and biological resources; aims to develop expertise in the implementation of techniques for environmental protection such as nutrient budgeting at field, farm and catchment scales, measuring greenhouse gas exchange, water quality evaluation, design of constructed wetlands for water pollution control, assessment of biodiversity and resilience in soils, environmental impact assessment and modelling; dissertation projects often involve field monitoring as well as use of Geographical Information Systems and simulation modelling techniques.

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