PGCE, Post-Compulsory Education and Training (PCET), Колледж Труро и Пенвит, Truro and Penwith College

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Колледж Труро и Пенвит, PGCE, Post-Compulsory Education and Training (PCET)



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Вечернее n/a Кол-во лет: 2
This is a sector endorsed teacher training course for teachers in the lifelong learning sector, including further education, adult education, nursing and skills for life; successful completion of this qualification will enable the student to register for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) and practice as a teacher in the lifelong learning sector; this is a modular non-competence academic programme; the course encourages the practitioner to focus strongly on their professional role and identity through critical analysis of practice and relevant theory; the programme is made up of 120 credits delivered at NQF level 4 and 5.

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