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Университет Рединга, MSc, International Business



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Дневное n/a Кол-во мес: 12 £21000 Academic year n/a

This programme addresses key issues, including how multinational firms decide where and when to invest internationally and how to evaluate the opportunities and challenges that face them in different countries.

About the programme

This programme focuses on the external (macro environmental) issues affecting an organisation. You will analyse the strategic choices multinational firms make to compete in a global economy, whilst examining the effect of their actions from both a 'developing' and developed' country perspective.

What it gives you

You will acquire a holistic view of the international business environment, and how policies and regulations established by governments and supranational institutions affect industries and firms in terms of their competitiveness. You will be able to connect the 'micro' firm view with the 'macro' view of countries and regions.

You will utilise frameworks and methodologies to make sense of the interaction between firms' strategies, economic and development policies, and the changing global environment in a rapidly globalising world. You will not only gain an understanding of how firms are organised internally, but also systematically analyse how foreign markets and countries function.

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Accomodation Greenlands Campus Law School

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Город Рединг находится в долине реки Темзы на юго-востоке Англии в 25 минутах езды на скоростном поезде от Центрального Лондона. Экономика города – самая быстрорастущая в Англии. Рединг - центр IT индустрии Великобритании, где крупные офисы имеют такие компании, как Oracle, Microsoft, Ericsson и другие.

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