BBA, Information Systems, University of Toledo

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University of Toledo, BBA, Information Systems


Форма обучен. Начало Продолж. Стоимость иностран. Период оплаты Академ. год
Дневное авг Кол-во лет: 4 $19505 Academic year 2018 - 2019
Quick and accurate delivery of information is the key to any successful business. This is what you will learn how to do as an information systems (IS) major. IS involves managing and applying computer technology to analyze, design and implement ways to increase effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness of a company. Students will not only be trained as specialists about computers, but also learn interpersonal communication skills that will help them succeed. UT's information systems program is constantly updated to remain on the cutting edge of technology, including object oriented programming, enterprise resource planning (ERP), project management skills and Web-based applications development. UT has been recognized as one of the most wired for computers in the nation. In addition, UT students take advantage of state-of-the-art computing and other facilities. Finally, students can gain real-world experience through numerous internship opportunities that often lead to full-time positions. This lets students work with accomplished professionals in the information systems field while earning college credit and money.

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