BS, Environmental engineering, University of Toledo

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University of Toledo, BS, Environmental engineering


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Дневное авг Кол-во лет: 4 $19505 Academic year 2018 - 2019
National reputation. The University of Toledo College of Engineering offers some of the country’s best engineering programs. The college is one of just eight nationwide to require student co-ops. This paid, professional work experience often leads to full-time work for our graduates. Real projects with real clients. Labs and design projects teach UT’s environmental engineering majors how to solve real problems and implement their ideas. Students often work with community partners such as schools and inner-city housing projects to develop rain gardens and other green projects. Well-rounded education. UToledo students take engineering classes. But they also complete course work in environmental and natural sciences, economics, policy and law. This multidisciplinary emphasis is unique in the engineering world. It gives UT graduates the technical as well as the soft skills necessary to compete in today’s job market. Strong job prospects. UToledo engineering graduates have a greater than 85% job placement rate. Students get free assistance from the Career Development Center in the College of Engineering. Employment of environmental engineers is projected to grow 12% in the next decade, twice as fast as other occupations. Passionate peers. UT environmental engineering students are especially motivated, engaged activists and students. Many are involved in student organizations, including Engineers Without Borders and Society of Women Engineers.

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