BSc, Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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VU, BSc, Computer Science



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Дневное сен Кол-во лет: 3 €11100 Academic year 2017
Computer Science is all about our interaction with information. That information can range from railway timetables to personal health care data or exciting new virtual games. Computer technology has given us a wealth of new opportunities, but unfortunately it has also created serious risks. The Bachelor’s in Computer Science at VU Amsterdam focuses on both aspects, with Networks and Security as two major topics in the program. The openness and transparency that we value in the Netherlands are reflected in our educational system. You will receive a pro-active and challenging education, and our lecturers’ doors are always open for any questions you might have. Our lecturers combine teaching with top-level research. They also maintain solid relations with various businesses in the field, and projects you will work on during your program are often organized in cooperation with such companies.

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Университет расположен в Амстердаме, всего в 5 минутах езды на велосипеде от студенческих общежитий. Кампус также имеет удобную транспортную инфраструктуру: дорога на трамвае от центра города занимает 15 минут, путь на поезде от Schiphol Airport занимает 8 минут.