CertHE, Biological Surveying, Колледж Риттл, Writtle College

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Колледж Риттл, CertHE, Biological Surveying



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This course offers a vocational approach to the study of biological surveying; it is designed to equip students in the training of modern wildlife management techniques; effective and detailed assessment and monitoring of wildlife resources is a key component to the successful conservation of species and habitats; with a sound scientific underpinning students gain hands-on experience in the techniques of species identification, wildlife and habitat surveying, and monitoring methodologies, it culminates in the production of a management plan for a protected area; extensive farmed landscape within the College grounds, together with a variety of protected areas in the surrounding countryside, form important training facilities in the delivery of this course; to further underpin the student experience a week-long study tour takes place during the 1st year; this enables the development of practical conservation skills, interpersonal and team working skills, communication skills and self management.

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