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Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) encapsulates the industry from end to end, where today and tomorrow’s music is written, produced, mixed, mastered, distributed, marketed and published. Our students do not learn from a book but by hands-on experience of the business of music. It is the intrinsic, living, breathing connection between ACM and Metropolis that gives our students this unique perspective and opportunity.

ACM is dedicated to preparing the next generation of musicians, producers, songwriters, technicians and music business executives for real careers in music and the creative industries. We are extremely proud of our students, past and present, who can be found working in all kinds of roles as musicians, artists and songwriters, producers, DJs, engineers and sound designers, industry executives, innovators and entrepreneurs. They are proof that a sustainable career in today’s music industry is attainable with hard work, self-belief, passion, commitment and dedication.

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Academy of Contemporary Music
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United Kingdom
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