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Академия актерского и режиссерского мастерства

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The Science of Acting (SofA), the main acting technique taught at the Academy, underpins the actor’s creative process and is, we would argue, the single most complete acting technique in the world today.  It provides clear, testable points of reference to how good acting (acting as though unobserved) can be achieved.  It also arguably demonstrates that as long as a student is taught good points of reference and that they are applied appropriately, then a talent for acting or directing can be developed (rather than regarding talent as only being something that is inherited).   It is this body of knowledge, together with the expertise and integrity of its teachers that sets the Academy apart from other drama training establishments.  As a result, since its opening in 1991, many of KADA’s graduates have sustained high profile careers on the stage and screen, behind the scenes – as directors and producers, and also in education.

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Academy of the Science of Acting and Directing
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