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Ankara Medipol University

Студенческая жизнь

Istanbul has a rich social life with museums, exhibitions, events, historical monuments, music festivals and a lot more to enumerate here.

Istanbul is a metropolitan city with many modern and developed public transportation vehicles. To reach every place you want to go easily in Istanbul is possible by using public transportation.

Проживание студентов

Not to mention the dormitories, administered by the Credit and Hostels Institution, there are also many private dormitories and pensions in order to satisfy the housing needs of the international students.

Food, beverage, cleaning, and security services, which are offered to the students in the dormitories of our university, are of the first-rate quality.

Food Services

A private catering firm provides the food services for the Istanbul Medipol University’s Kavacık, Haliç (Golden Horn) and Bağcılar Campuses. Kavacık Campus with male and female dormitories serves three meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner as both self-service and à la carte.


Istanbul Medipol University’s Kavacık, Haliç (Golden Horn) and Bağcılar Campuses provide a variety of cafes, canteens, and kiosk with a wide selection of flavors from Turkish to international cuisines such as beverage and breakfast. Pol’in Café, on Kavacık and Bağcılar Campuses is an alluring place where students enjoy their time being catered with delicious food services and stylish and modern architecture.

To name only some of the offerings in Pol’ in Café:

Hot-cold drinks, breakfast and meal menus as well as pastry. In like manner, international and local fast food chains serve students on Kavacık South Campus.

Развитие карьеры студентов

Medipol University is one of the leading universities inTurkey with a picturesque campus life.  Social and cultural activities, primed and conducted fancy-free by students, are well-supplied and diverse throughout the year.

Kavacık North-South Campuses

Istanbul Medipol University has two campuses, called South and North,  in Beykoz Kavacık. Located on the Anatolian Side of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, just outside the bridge, they attract attention mainly because of its central location that is adjacent to Beykoz Forests. The unique recreational and welfare facilities such as spacious and comfortable amphitheaters, tennis and basketball courts, rest and chat areas, spacious halls, classrooms, and gardens have made Kavacık Campus noteworthy. All said so far target establishing a comfortable and dynamic academic base in Kavacık.

Haliç (Golden Horn) Campus

Located on the edge of Haliç (Golden Horn) alongside the city walls, Haliç Campus is centrally located in the city standing out with its historical and cultural wealth. Aside from that, the campus is home to vibrant academic life in addition to its modern building, spacious lobby and gardens. Nearly 50 student clubs, including cinema, theater, music, travel, and photography, add an exclusive beauty to this life.

Bağcılar Campus

Located on the edge of the TEM (Transit European Motorway) in Bağcılar, Medipol MEGA University Hospital with four hospitals equipped with 470 bed capacity, 133 intensive care units, 246 outpatient rooms and 25 operating theaters for general, oncology, cardiovascular surgery and dental services, provides its students with the opportunity to receive internship and practical trainings.


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Having been the capital of three great civilizations in the course of history, together with its magnificent natural beauties, historical monuments, and rich culture, Istanbul attracts visitors from around the world. Being the convergent point for Asia and Europe has made it unique. In addition, Istanbul, a vibrant modern city, is under the spotlight of the world on account of being the world’s exquisite and homey city.