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Университет Карнеги — Меллон

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In its 115 years, Carnegie Mellon has soared to national and international leadership in higher education and research. A birthplace of innovation since its founding, it continues to be known for innovation, for solving real-world problems and for interdisciplinary collaboration. Its alumni can be found across the globe — from Tony Award winners to Nobel Prize and Turing Award winners, from CEOs to entrepreneurs, from professors to artists.

In the 2000s, in response to demand for expanded international educational opportunities, Carnegie Mellon began offering degree programs outside of Pittsburgh. Today its global presence includes campuses in Qatar and Silicon Valley, Calif., more than a dozen degree-granting locations, and more than 20 research partnerships such as Los Angeles; New York City; Washington, D.C.; Australia; China; Portugal and Rwanda.

As outlined in the Strategic Plan 2025, the university will focus on advancing the individual student experience, the broader Carnegie Mellon community experience, and the social impact of Carnegie Mellon throughout the world.

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Академическая специализация

Carnegie Mellon consistently ranks in the top 25 in the national U.S. News & World Report rankings. CMU highly scored in engineering and business programs.

Carnegie Mellon has performed well in other recent rankings including:

Times Higher Education

  • Overall: 22
  • Engineering and Technology: 10
  • Physical Sciences: 10
  • Social Sciences: 51
  • Arts and Humanities: 67

QS World University Rankings

  • Overall/World University Rankings: 58
  • Art and Design: 16
  • Architecture/Built Environment: 47
  • Linguistics: 51-100
  • Performing Arts: 51-100
  • Computer Science and Information Systems: 5
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering: 27
  • Chemical Engineering: 51-100
  • Civil and Structural Engineering: 51-100
  • Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering: 51-100
  • Psychology: 51-100
  • Natural Sciences Mathematics: 25
  • Materials Science: 27
  • Environmental Sciences: 51-100
  • Physics and Astronomy: 51-100
  • Statistics and Operational Research: 10
  • Accounting and Finance: 51-100
  • Business and Management Studies: 51-100
  • Economics and Econometrics: 51-100
  • Social Policy and Administration: 51-100

Academic Ranking of World Universities

  • World's Top 500 Universities: 68
  • Engineering/Technology/Computer Sciences: 9
  • Social Sciences: 19
  • Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 51-75
  • Materials Science and Engineering: 25
  • Mechanical Engineering: 28
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering: 33
  • Chemical Engineering: 42
  • Civil Engineering: 51-75
  • Environmental Science and Engineering: 51-75

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Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh
PA 15213
United States
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You can always find something new in the city of Pittsburgh. Between the 88 neighborhoods and districts and the 10 colleges with 86,000 students in the area – there’s so much to explore and so many different types of people to meet along with things to do in Pittsburgh.

Oakland, Shadyside and Squirrel Hill are the closest neighborhoods to campus and easy to explore by foot. But if you’re looking to go beyond the nearby vicinity and have mapped out a plan to see more than the obvious, your Carnegie Mellon student ID will double as your bus pass throughout Allegheny County – including the Pittsburgh International Airport.