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Lund University

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Established in 1666, it is one of the oldest and broadest universities in northern Europe has a long and vibrant history of world-class teaching, research excellence, student influence, alumni success and dynamic student life.

As a Lund student you will benefit from the opportunity to tap into a global network of contacts among fellow students, researchers, university staff and alumni. 

  • Lund University ranks top 100 in the QS World Rankings 2020
  • Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Tetra Pak, Gambro and Alfa Laval are among the large, well-known companies located in Lund with which the University cooperates
  • Home of the Nobel Prize – the world’s most prestigious academic distinction
  • Lund University is a top 100 university for graduate employability according to the New York Times
  • Innovative research at universities and companies has resulted in many successful inventions, including the computer mouse, the pacemaker and internet applications such as the online music streaming service Spotify and the free internet calling service Skype.
  • Ultrasound, dialysis & Bluetooth are all examples of revolutionary discoveries that have their roots in research at Lund University.
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Lund University is internationally recognised for excellence in:


Knowledge lights up our lives. Those who gain new insights and skills have the world at their feet.

The Faculty of Engineering (LTH) at Lund University opens many doors to new opportunities. Graduates go on to play important roles in industry, government and not-for-profit organisations, all over the world.

  • Teachers and researchers have strong links to society and industry, both locally and internationally. Many Lund  courses feature guest lecturers and opportunities to visit local businesses in conjunction with course work projects.
  • The area around Lund and Copenhagen is one of the most expansive regions in Europe, especially within the high tech sectors covered by the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, Lund University will soon be situated next door to two of Europe’s largest research centres, MAX IV and ESS.
  • As a student you will benefit from highly knowledgeable teachers who are actively involved with the latest developments in their field.
  • You will work with your teachers and fellow students in an informal environment, have access to modern study and laboratory facilities, as well as the opportunity to follow unique research projects at close quarters.

Through ONCAMPUS you will have the opportunity to apply for a Master's degree at the Faculty of Engineering.


Science at Lund University is characterised by first-class research within a variety of areas, from molecular to ecological systems and from biosphere studies to astronomy and high-energy particle physics. Lund research and education are carried out within all major research areas: astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, environmental sciences, physics and mathematics.

  • The wide spectrum of research, with several world-leading research groups, serves as a platform for outstanding higher education and much of the teaching is carried out in the laboratories connected to the research front line.
  • Lund teachers are all recruited from among the active researchers, thus Lund students are particularly well trained in scientific method.
  • An education in science is also a gateway to a great number of R&D companies and science parks within the surrounding Copenhange-Malmö region – a hub for hightech companies and research organisations especially within pharmaceuticals/biotechnology, IT/telecommunication, food and environment.
  • The Copenhagen-Malmö region is at the forefront in Europe within these areas.

Through ONCAMPUS you will have the opportunity to apply for a Master's degree at the Faculty of Science.

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Lund University
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The city of Lund itself is compact and charming, with picturesque old houses, romantic cobbled streets and beautiful green surroundings. Student cafes, nightlife, a vibrant and intellectually stimulating atmosphere, rich culture and wide assortment of leisure activities all contribute to its unique culture.