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Нью-Йоркский университет

Студенческая жизнь

The NYU students are in the middle of the greatest city, there are endless things to do for fun. NYU has over 450 student clubs and organizations on campus. In addition to over 40 sport sections, fraternities, sororities, and study clubs, there are many organizations on campus that focus on entertainment, arts, and culture. These organizations include various student media clubs: for instance, the daily student newspaper, local daily blog, etc.

Besides the on-campus activities, NYU students get a lot of discounts and even free entrance for musicals, museums and other sightseeing places.

Проживание студентов

NYU had the seventh-largest university housing system in the U.S. Its undergraduate housing system consists of more than 20 residence halls. Uniquely, many of NYU's residence halls are converted apartment complexes or old hotels. In general, NYU residence halls receive favorable ratings, and some are opulent. Many rooms are spacious and contain amenities considered rare for individual college residence hall rooms, such as kitchens, lavatories, living rooms and common areas. The university operates its own transit system to transport its students by bus to its campus.

Undergraduate students are guaranteed housing during their enrollment at NYU. Most freshman residence halls are located near the Washington Square area.

85% of first-year students and 44% of all undergraduates living in college housing, which offers such options as: coed housing, apartments for single students, fraternity/sorority housing, special housing for disabled students, wellness housing (alcohol/drug/smoke-free). In addition, freshmen are permitted to have a car and not permitted to have any pets in houses.

The campus

NYU is organized into more than 20 schools, colleges, and institutes, located in six centers throughout Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. NYU's main campus is located at Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan with institutes and centers on the Upper East Side.

Most of NYU's buildings in Manhattan are located across a roughly 930,000-m2 area. The core of NYU consists of buildings that surround the famous Washington Square Park.

Since the late 1970s, the central part of NYU has been its Washington Square campus in the heart of Greenwich Village. The Washington Square Arch is an unofficial symbol of NYU. NYU operates theaters and performance facilities, musical centers, one of the largest in US the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library.

The second main NYU's Brooklyn campus is located at MetroTech Center, an urban academic-industrial research park, and is only a few subway stops from the Washington Square campus. 

Развитие карьеры студентов

NYU ranked 7th among the World’s top 100 universities for producing millionaires, as compiled by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. NYU ranked 5th globally among universities with the highest number of alumni worth $30 million or more, as compiled by ABC News.

Statistics says that 93% of students receive job offer within three months of graduation.

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New York University
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United States
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New York - a city which seems to know everyone on the planet, "capital of the world", metropolis on the east coast of the United States. NYU's "campus" is New York City. Its heart is in Greenwich Village around Washington Square Park with important hubs along the Health Corridor of First Avenue near 30th Street, near Midtown East, and in downtown Brooklyn.  With institutes, centers, and academic buildings reaching as far north as the Upper East Side, and as far south as the Financial District, getting from place to place at NYU requires transportation services which run between all of the major academic building locations, including the Medical Center, and NYU residence halls.