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Университет Пеппердайна

Стоимость учебы в Университет Пеппердайна на 2019 - 2020

Total undergraduate costs for nine-month academic year, 2016–2017 are about $68,000 for a non-resident living on-campus. This sum includes tuition and fees - about $50,000 per year, books and supplies - $1,500, room and board - $14,000, personal and transportation costs - $3,000.

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Pepperdine University
24255 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu,
United States
CA 90263
United States
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+1 310-506-4000
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This coed college is located in a small city in a suburban setting and is primarily a residential campus. Los Angeles, the closest major city, is 25 miles away. It is also the closest city that contains an airport. Beverly Hills is 24 miles away and Disneyland is 54 miles away from Pepperdine’s Malibu campus.