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Мэрилендский университет в Колледж-Парке

Стоимость учебы в Мэрилендский университет в Колледж-Парке

Примеры стоимости учебы на нескольких программах вуза представлены ниже.
Уточненную стоимость учебы на определённых программах вуза смотрите на страницах программ Мэрилендский университет в Колледж-Парке или запрашивайте информацию напрямую в вузе, используя поле запроса справа.

Стоимость учебы в Мэрилендский университет в Колледж-Парке на 2019 - 2020

In 2016, total costs calculated for out-of-state students living on-campus are about $48,000. This sum includes tuition and fees ($32,000), room and board ($12,000), books and supplies ($1,200), personal expenses ($1,000) and transportation expenses ($1,500).

78% students with need get the university financial aid package of approximately $32,000 for non-residents.

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University of Maryland, College Park
University of Maryland, College Park, United States
MD 20742
United States
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+1 301-405-1000
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A large, 4-year, public university is located in a large town in a suburban setting and is primarily a commuter campus.

The university is served by the three airports and a small public airport in College Park. A free shuttle service operating on the territory is free of charge to all students.

Conveniently located in the center of the Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington D.C. triangle, campus is easily accessible via car, bus, or Metro.