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Висконсинский университет в Мадисоне

Студенческая жизнь

The Wisconsin Union is the home to recreational, cultural, educational, and social opportunities daily. Our student-led programming board, Wisconsin Union Directorate, plans more than 1,000 events within our two buildings and on campus. With 9 committees and 6 Hoofer Clubs, WUD plans thought-provoking, stress-reducing, and fun activities, including live music, films, lectures, political discussions, community service, outdoor activities, and the arts.

Проживание студентов

The Division of University Housing operates 19 residence halls across the UW-Madison campus, providing a home to over 7,400 undergraduate students. We also operate 3 apartment communities, serving about 3,000 graduate students, students with families, postdoctoral researchers, academic staff, and faculty. In addition, we manage 7 dining locations around campus, and we provide housing throughout the summer for conference groups and youth camps. Private, off-campus housing is managed separately by the office of Campus Area Housing.

Развитие карьеры студентов

The UW Student Job Center focuses on student employment opportunities. Students seeking work will find part-time openings for both academic year and summer terms posted on our website as well as occasional full-time summer openings. Job opportunities are located at UW-Madison and off-campus in the private and public sectors. Graduates and experienced workers seeking full-time professional career opportunities, should use the Career Services offices and other resources that can be found on our links page.
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Built on an isthmus, UW–Madison and the city of Madison seamlessly blend together, creating opportunities and an atmosphere unlike any other campus. When visiting, you can immerse yourself in campus life at lively venues such as Camp Randall, the Memorial Union, and State Street. And you can always find serenity at our treasured natural areas, including the Lakeshore Path and Picnic Point.

Eagle Heights and University Houses are situated just a half-mile northwest of UW-Madison’s western campus and is a community of apartment buildings nestled in 83 acres of green space on the shoreline of Lake Mendota. These neighborhoods primarily serve families, and boasts numerous picnic and playground areas, a central community center and one of the oldest community gardens in the United States. Harvey Street Apartments serves single graduate students and is located south of University Avenue, just west of campus. This quiet street is close to shops, restaurants, and the UW campus.

Getting around Madison

  • By Car: Follow the links for a list of Car Rental Agencies or Taxi and Limousine Services.
  • By Taxi: Taxis and Fares Flyer
  • By Bus: Madison Metro Bus System
  • By Bike: If you are planning to travel by bike you will be happy to know that Madison was recently ranked the 5th Most Bikeable city by Walscore and the 7th Most Bike-Friendly City in America by Bicycling Magazine.