MA, Fine Art, Борнмутский университет искусств, Arts University Bournemouth

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Борнмутский университет искусств, MA, Fine Art

The MA Fine Art course represents an exciting opportunity for students to challenge and build on their previous achievements and to study at an advanced level.

Students deepen their knowledge and their ability to focus on their chosen field in relation to the key aspects that inform it. Set within a community and culture of makers, students engage in dialogue and debate with their peers, both within and across MA pathways.

This experience provides dynamic and interactive sessions, which are vital to the enhancement and testing of new thinking and ideas generation as well as offering the broadest available critical arena for discussion of student work.

The first unit Strategies of Practice seeks to identify and critically review the attitudes and understanding underlying your Fine Art practice. It does this by encouraging you to return, through practice, to an engagement with fundamental components of your Fine Art activity, exploring the contextual issues that motivate and shape your practice, including audiences, sites of display, technological advances.

You will be encouraged to reflect ‘in-action’ as you question the nature of visual communication. You will be encouraged to scope out new areas for deeper enquiry.

Innovation, collaboration and communication are key skills taught by professionals and academics in the units Masters Project 1 and Masters Project 2. These units promote the processes necessary for students to engage in new technological advances, develop critical and theoretical frameworks, and raise their level of business awareness and self-direction along with an understanding of the trans-disciplinary nature of contemporary creative practice.

In Masters Project 2 you will work towards and produce your final outcomes/conclusions following the rationale established in your Study Plan. In this phase of study you will apply the research methods identified in Master’s Project 1 and determine how to present and disseminate the outcomes of the project.

If you are interested in making an application to the MA Fine Art Course at the Arts University, you should demonstrate your passion and ambition for your practice within your discipline area, and we recommend that when writing your statement, you make note of the Course Overview which puts centre stage the dialogue created between international and UK students. We are very interested to hear what you will add to the community and culture of the MA Fine Art course.

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Борнмутский университет искусств расположен на южном побережье Англии, примерно в 3 км от центра Борнмута. Город имеет регулярное железнодорожное сообщение с Лондоном и другими крупными центрами.

Борнмут находится в самой восточной точке Юрского побережья, ставшим первым природным объектом всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО на территории Великобритании. Кампус имеет собственное автобусное сообщение со сниженной стоимостью билетов. Университетский городок также может похвастаться отличной системой велосипедных дорожек.