BMus (Hons), Музыковедение, Бирмингемская консерватория - Music, Birmingham Conservatoire

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Бирмингемская консерватория, BMus (Hons), Музыковедение


Форма обучен. Начало Продолж.
Дневное сентябрь Кол-во лет: 0 - 5
Professional training for students who wish to concentrate on performance or composition; emphasis is on practical work: 40 hours individual tuition per year in 1st study with other performance-based activities including masterclasses, performance workshops, and many orchestras, choirs, bands and other ensembles; teaching methods are studied as part of 1st study, with the option of 2 years additional tuition on a second instrument; academic studies include: harmony and aural workshops (develop improvisational and compositional skills); performance practice; analysis; and music history; optional performance electives includes: conducting; electronic music; folk; jazz; world music and music technology among others; year 4: determines the final Honours degree classification; students are assessed in performance or composition and 2 project-based modules tailored to the individual needs of each student; great emphasis is placed on professional development and several professional training schemes are offered in partnership with arts organisations, including the CBSO, Philharmonic Orchestra, Birmingham Royal Ballet (pianists for dance scheme), Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and Birmingham Jazz; it is also possible to study the 4th year part-time concurrently with a part-time PGCE taught in Birmingham City University's Faculty of Education.

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