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European School of Economics, MSc, Digital Marketing


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Дневное янв, апр, сен Кол-во лет: 1 €24000 Academic year 2020
While technology advances exponentially, marketing techniques are shifting from traditional models to ones whose foundations and very frameworks are created for the digital environment. For this reason, this course has been designed to provide a robust framework of entry and pathway towards success into this exciting field. The MSc Digital Marketing degree enables students to develop digital marketing plans and strategies through an emphasis on solving real problems for real clients so in the fullest sense of economy – no effort is wasted. Students will develop the skills to formulate appropriate responses to complex marketing problems in a course vehicle composed of only six in-depth modules and purely project-based assessments thus developing employability and enhancing your CV from day one, with a focus on the skills that employers want within this dynamic industry. This degree route provides a critical appreciation of the elements which digital marketing strategies cover, including web site development and analytics, consumer behaviour, social media marketing, digital campaign planning and branding within the global marketing context. Contemporary issues in digital marketing will be discussed and used in class groups to foster understanding of the opportunities and multi-channel management decisions facing marketers. Using this knowledge, allied to the use of models and tools, will prepare students for employment in areas such as, campaign management, paid search advertising, social media marketing and other digital marketing roles. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES Executive style teaching in small groups is central to the delivery of the programme Emphasis on the personal development of students within a supportive environment that enables students to master challenges and achieve goals Professional focus to the programme underpinned with innovative, practice-based assessment tasks and opportunities for project-based learning Live, industry projects undertaken for external clients RATIONALE, AIMS AND LEARNING OUTCOMES OF THE PROGRAMME The rationale of the programme is to offer a course of study that enables students to explore the area of digital marketing in depth so as be operationally effective in this specialist field on graduation. The programme has been designed for students that will typically not have undertaken a marketing-based specialism at undergraduate level, and although they may have had previous work-related experience in the subject this is neither and expectation nor a requirement. The content of the programme has an emphasis on practice (based on theory) which is underpinned through live industry projects and a focus on practice- based assessment tasks. The MSc Digital Marketing degree is a postgraduate programme of study which can be undertaken in one year (full-time), or part time over a period of between two and three years. The degree provides a taught component which is preparatory to an extensive dissertation or consultancy project. The programme aims to: Provide a challenging, stimulating and self-rewarding study environment; Develop a range of key skills by means of opportunities provided in the modules; Accommodate student needs in relation to maximising their career potential by enabling them to develop specialist knowledge, understanding and skills in digital marketing; Produce graduates who are confident in the conceptual understanding and knowledge of digital marketing and their ability to apply these skills at a strategic and operational level; develop self-aware, reflective students who take responsibility for their own learning and demonstrate a responsibility to fellow learners; develop a range of intellectual and practical skills that will enable graduates to add significant value within the work place; provide assessment and project-based tasks that allows students to apply knowledge and skills appropriately within an authentic context; provide the educational foundation that is relevant life-long learning; create a learning environment where professional standards are expected, but at the same time recognises that learning is challenging and appropriate support is provided both by staff and fellow

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ESE students will have the unique opportunity of being able to pursue their study programme in any of the ESE campuses, whether London, Milan, Florence, Rome, or Madrid and to transfer between campuses on a per term or per year basis, experiencing the same programme in multiple international contexts and cultures.
The European School of Economics’ centres are situated in some of the most beautiful settings that Europe: an ultra modern building in a desirable and sought after district of Milan; an amazing 19th century building with private gardens in the very heart of imperial Rome with an impressive view of the Caracalla Baths and close to the Colosseum; the Renaissance Palazzo Rosselli Del Turco in central Florence is just steps away from the Ponte Vecchio and in Madrid’s city centre the campus is a picturesque building located in the prestigious Alonso Martinez in the heart of the capital.