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GBSB Global Business School, Master, Marketing Management



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Дневное янв, апр, окт Кол-во мес: 9 €13490 Academic year 2020
The Online Master in Marketing Management provides students with a broad, comprehensive education on innovative and up-to-date marketing techniques and strategies. Students gain the crucial tools and skills whilst studying specialized concepts and theory and implementing practical tasks in the arenas of sales and brand management, market research, product development and digital marketing. The MSc in Marketing Management gives students an insight on the sphere of marketing theory and the techniques used to utilize these skills in the real world of business. Companies around the world are hiring individuals who have established a professional and international perspective that can be implemented to the application of new business and marketing development initiatives and approaches. Those who graduate with an Online Master in Marketing Management are vastly desired in diverse international environments, from evolving to reputable markets, and possess the proficiencies in intercultural connections and management to achieve their professional aims and goals.

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