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Дневное янв, апр, окт Кол-во мес: 10 €15050 Academic year 2020
Business today is moving at high speed; having the knowledge and finesse to manage companies that operate in the global sphere is becoming paramount. This makes Business Administration more dynamic. The Online MBA in International Business is a leading-edge program that conditions students personally and professionally to meet the demands of society. The Online MBA in International Business is one of the most strategic and fundamental programs in Spain taught in English which is having an impact on the very way business is taught and the curriculum, graduating accountable, innovative, global leaders able to make a mark in business. GBSB Global’s Online MBA in International Business keeps sustainable practices and business ethics at the forefront of the program. Fostering an entrepreneurship mindset, strong leadership skills, and innovative problem-solving tools are the top distinguishing factors that make graduates highly marketable. GBSB Global utilizes technology, innovative teaching techniques, case studies, situational analysis, simulation activities and practical workshops that promote growth and development. The Online MBA in International Business envelopes managerial and analytical systems, such as operations management, accounting, economics, politics and strategic management.

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