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GBSB Global Business School, MBA, Marketing Management



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Дневное янв, апр, окт Кол-во мес: 10 €15050 Academic year 2020
GBSB Global’s Online MBA in Marketing Management provides students with an education focused on trends in marketing today, marketing strategies, creative marketing communications, research marketing, product development, brand management, and promotions. Encompassing the latest advancements in marketing, the Online MBA in Marketing Management program hones in on sectors within the field that are in high demand such as, digital marketing, neuromarketing and experiential marketing. The Online MBA in Marketing Management students acquire the tools, learn fundamental concepts, engage in critical thinking and learning-by-doing practices in the spheres of brand management, sales management, digital marketing, market research, and product development. GBSB Global Business School’s Online MBA in Marketing Management graduates are professionals, very marketable and increasingly competitive in the current, fast-paced, and highly dynamic industry.

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