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Дневное янв, апр, окт Кол-во мес: 10 €15050 Academic year 2020
The Online Master in Business Administration at GBSB Global educates students about the fundamental theory, core practices, and current state of business around the world today. The Online MBA faculty at GBSB Global Business School are esteemed professionals with years of practical experience as business owners, entrepreneurs and managers from Europe and around the globe, meticulously training students on the best business practices that will produce the greatest success. Graduates from the MBA Online look at a wide range of industries, current trends, globalization, digitalization, innovation, and other issues pushing business forward. The Online Master of Business Administration utilizes the most up-to-date academic practices and methodologies. Simulation games, learning-by-doing projects and advanced case studies are only a few of the myriad of tactics professors will incorporate into their courses. Graduates of the Online MBA program have a strong comprehension of hard and soft skills in regards to negotiations and communications. In addition, they are culturally sensitive, capable of working in multicultural climates and in digitally focused arenas. Become tech savvy, ready to meet the rigorous demands of today’s constantly evolving business scene in a highly globalized economy. Various Online Master in Business Administration programs have additional opportunities to become certified in the field of choice on top of their degree. The ACCA offers Level 1-4 certification testing at GBSB Global in addition to Microsoft offering multiple levels of certification that are recognized worldwide. There is no better place in which to distinguish yourself from your competitors vying for top positions at major international companies. Graduates from GBSB Global’s Online Master in Business Administration program are equipped with the tools and competencies to succeed in the dynamic field of business wherever they may find themselves in the world.

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