Foundation Year, International University Foundation, International Business School - Budapest

успешных поступлений


студентов поступают с первого раза


консультаций студентов с вузами мира

International Business School - Budapest, Foundation Year, International University Foundation

Our teachers are highly qualified, well-experienced, they pay attention to your individual needs and they have been striving to do their best to help you improve your English and reach your aims in life. We have a friendly, supportive atmosphere, where students can experience studying in an international team, where teachers are more like mentors.

Our classrooms are well-equipped, every classroom has a computer and a projector or a flat-screen television.

Our students get 400 hours of English, 16 classes per week. So what are you waiting for? Join us, we are looking forward to meeting you here at IBS in Budapest, in the heart of Europe. 

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IBS has its hands on the pulse of the heart of Europe. With campuses in Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria, we make sure our students study in a truly inspiring enviroment. The facilities are easy to reach and are equipped with everything to make your study years comfortable and memorable.

Budapest Campus

Vienna campus