HND, Computing (Business), Манчестерский колледж, Manchester College

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Манчестерский колледж, HND, Computing (Business)



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Дневное сентябрь Кол-во лет: 2
Students acquire a broad understanding and competence in organisation structure; the business environment and systems; analysis and design of database development; together with the underpinning theory of computer architecture and networks; it enables students to function effectively in the business world in the provision of information technology systems for the support of the information requirements of organisations; core modules develop appropriate knowledge and skills in business and information technology throughout the course through an integrative teaching and learning strategy; the principles and techniques of management are also studied throughout the course and offer an opportunity to combine a business and technical education in an applied vocational context; particular emphasis is placed on the application of hardware and software packages and products to the solution of business problems.

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