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Университет Оксфорд Брукс, MA, Education - Higher Education


Compulsory modules

Policy and Purposes of Higher Education

Higher education, as well as providing locations of learning and teaching, is an important focus of much political debate. Why is this? We examine contemporary contextual policy frameworks and their influences on Higher Education such as social constructivism, neoliberalism, transformation, workforce attachment, social capital and others.

Research Methods in Education, Childhood and Language

You will develop your knowledge of a range of research approaches, methods and techniques for the study of education. The interdisciplinary nature of work in and across these areas will be explored. This module is designed to prepare you for the methodological components of your dissertation study.

Optional modules

Mind and Brain

This module explores developments within the field of educational neuroscience and engages with philosophical exploration and deliberation over the relationship between mind, brain, self and body. Current insights from cognitive neuroscience are examined in relation to a number of specific educational issues which have implications for educational practice. This module engages with philosophical exploration and deliberation over the relationship between mind, brain, self and body.

Diversity and Achievement

This module explores the factors that are predictive of educational success and failure for children and young people and explores the implications for school policy and practice. These factors will be considered at the level of the individual child, the family, the school and the neighbourhood using data from case study material drawing in part on your individual working contexts. Issues of class, gender, disability and ethnicity will be considered. This analysis will be compared to educational outcomes from national and international data sources.

The Inclusive Curriculum

This module, relevant for primary, secondary, and further and higher education practitioners and students, explores key aspects of curriculum design and delivery in relation to access, equality of learning opportunity and inclusion. There is a focus on the ways in which cultural values influence curriculum content and organization and you will have an opportunity to critically engage with theories of internationalising and decolonising the curriculum.

Independent Study: Investigating Practice

This module provides an opportunity for you to engage in independent study/practice investigation of an approved topic conducted under a supervisor. The independent study/practice investigation may be based on primary and/or secondary data.

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