Bachelor, Hotel Management, Southern Institute of Technology

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SIT, Bachelor, Hotel Management

 Новая Зеландия

Year One                                                                                                                                          

COM540 Professional Communication

HTM501Introduction to Tourism

HTM505 Food and Beverage Management

HTM506 Financial Analysis for Tourism and Hospitality

HTM507 Hotel Operations

HTM509 Hospitality Service Delivery Systems

MAN535 Principles of Human Resource Management

MKT571 Principles of Marketing                                                                                                    


Year Two                                                                                                                                         

HTM601 Contemporary Tourism

HTM606 Tourism and Hospitality Financial Management

HTM607 Employment Relations and Law for Tourism and Hospitality

HTM608 Entrepreneurship

HTM610 Facilities Management in Hospitality

MAN632 Operations Management

MAN633 Human Resource Development

MKT676 Services Management and Marketing



Year Three                                                                                                                                       

Compulsory Papers

HTM704 Contemporary Issues in Hotel Management

HTM720 Internship Study

MKT776 Event Management


Elective Papers - two papers to be selected from the list below

CON759 Contemporary Issues

ETH760 Business Ethics

HTM706 Sustainability in Tourism

IBS790 International Business

MAN734 Strategic Management

MAN735 Advanced HRM

MKT772 Strategic Marketing

WPE700 Workplace Experience

Elective 1 - Elective Paper (to be approved by Programme Manager)


Year 3 Elective papers may be taken from a degree other than SIT Bachelor of Hotel Management.

Year 3 Elective paper descriptors can be found under the relevant programme on the SIT Intranet, Academic Board link.

Prerequisites may apply to elective papers.

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