NVQ, Management (level 4), Колледж Саттон Колдфилда, Sutton Coldfield College

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Колледж Саттон Колдфилда, NVQ, Management (level 4)

Compulsory units: B1 develop and implement operational plans for your area of responsibility; C2 encourage innovation in your area of responsibility; D2 develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders; E6 ensure health and safety requirements are met in your area of responsibility; F3 manage business processes; options: A2 manage your own resources and professional development; A3 develop your personal networks; B6 provide leadership in your area of responsibility; B8 ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements; B11 promote equality of opportunity and diversity in your area of responsibility; C4 lead change; C5 plan change; C6 implement change; D3 recruit, select and keep colleagues; D6 allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility; D7 provide learning opportunities for colleagues; D10 reduce and manage conflict in your team; D11 lead meetings; E2 manage finance for your area of responsibility; E8. manage physical resources; E9 manage the environmental impact of your work; E10 take effective decisions; F1 manage a project; F2 manage a programme of complementary projects; F8 work with others to improve customer service; F9 build your organisation’s understanding of its market and customers; F11 manage the achievement of customer satisfaction.

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