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University of Mainz

Студенческая жизнь

In addition to the courses at the JGU, there is also a so-called co-op study program for foreign exchange students and researchers. This program offers courses which are designed to ease integration into the German study routine/life for foreign exchange students and researchers, such as:

  • to increase their professional knowledge, for example by offering subject-specific tutorials/classes,
  • to guarantee the completion of their degree, e.g. by offering graduate scholarships,
  • to gain more knowledge beyond their own subject, which is why excursions, sightseeing tours and family visits are offered in cooperation with the TOM (Tutors of Mainz),
  • to include/ introduce their interests in groups and initiatives which address the various concerns of students
  • to make the reintegration back in their home country easier

Проживание студентов

For a comfortable room not too far from the university, students can expect to pay a monthly rent of around EUR 300 to 450. Based on past experience, demand for rooms is usually particularly high at the start of the winter semester. We recommend arranging your accommodation as soon as possible. University halls of residence offer relatively cheap accommodation costing EUR 280 to 350 monthly. Halls of residence are also an excellent place to meet new people, particularly for students starting their first semester. You are guaranteed a dorm room if you are an international student who gained the qualifications for university entrance not in Germany.

Развитие карьеры студентов

The Career Service at JGU combines all the career services on offer from various institutions within the university. The services of the Career Service are aimed at both students and graduates. The task of the Career Service is to help you find the right career, plan your future profession, and help you obtain the necessary qualifications beyond your specialist field, in order to prepare you for a successful start to your professional life.
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