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University of California, Davis

Студенческая жизнь

The campus environment is a community of faculty of scholars, scientists and artists committed to the highest standards in teaching, research and public service.

UC Davis is located in a friendly safe college town with quick access to campus by bicycle or the student-run bus system. Students make up half of the city's population and enjoy dozens of student-friendly businesses and community events including a nationally known farmers market, concerts, films, plays, exhibits and special events. The city's progressive culture complements UC Davis' commitment to sustainability.

15 minute distance from Davis to Sacramento provides the campus with both an isolation necessary for  a college-town environment fostering and a lively and large metropolitan area nearby. Though the campus itself is vast, the entire community of Davis is relatively small and is easily traversable on bike utilizing Davis' extensive bicycle trails.

UC Davis offers more than 700 student clubs and organizations to meet any interest—from academic to cultural, political to recreational, religious to service oriented. Students continue to settle new clubs, organizations, cultural and social events each year including one of the largest student-run events in the country. For example, a Picnic Day, UC Davis's annual Open House, is the largest student-run event in the United States attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Students are also going in for sports such as basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer and many more. The Anteater Recreation Center contains a basketball gym, work out room, rock climbing wall, and other studio rooms for group exercise.

Проживание студентов

Student Housing offers two types of housing: residence halls and apartments. Residence halls are primarily offered to freshmen, who are guaranteed a spot in the halls for their first year provided all requirements and deadlines are met. 

Residence hall contracts include dining commons meal plans; residence halls do not have kitchens. Residents have access to many resources, including computer centers, academic advising centers, professional academic advising staff and employment opportunities in the residence hall communities. 

Apartments include the possibility to live with a roommate or suitemate of their choice. Optional Living-Learning Communities offer an opportunity to live in a residence hall where students participate in social and recreational activities with people who share their interests. Contracts run the length of the regular academic year, from the weekend before fall courses begin until the day following the completion of finals. Residence halls are limited to those who are single and under the age of 24.

Развитие карьеры студентов

UC Davis prepares students for life after college. The UCD students are often involved in honors programs, internships and research. Thus about 63% of graduates are employed with the average starting salary $43,900.

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University of California, Davis
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United States
CA 95616
United States
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Though named after the City of Davis the campus is located adjacent to the City of Davis in an unincorporated part of Yolo and Solano counties. The main campus is located 24.1 km west to Sacramento in the Sacramento Valley, part of California's Central Valley, and is adjacent to Interstate 80.