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Высшая школа химической технологии

Студенческая жизнь

The conditions for students to live in Prague are really good. The University has many facilities that each student can benefit with pleasure. Internationalization is very easy. Travelling to other cities and countries is easy also. Anyone can find a way to have fun on campus with their neighbors or in one of student’s associations. Besides, there are many interesting places in the city and around.

Проживание студентов

UCT Prague provides international students accommodation in dormitories located in the southern part of Prague, in the district of Chodov. There are two buildings, Sázava and Volha with double and triple rooms. Two neighbouring rooms share a bathroom, a toilet, and a small corridor with a fridge. They are equipped with basic furniture. International students living in the dormitories do not need to register with the Foreign Police to announce their arrival in the Czech Republic; this is taken care of by the Administration of UCT Prague Facilities. Prices for rooms vary from €3 to €10 for a bed per night.

Развитие карьеры студентов

Graduates from UCT Prague are looked for and highly appreciated by a wide range of employers worldwide. 95% of graduates find a job within the first year after graduation.

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University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
Technická 5,
Praha 6 - Dejvice-Praha 6, Czech Republic
166 28
Czech Republic
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As for location UCT students benefit studying in Prague - a historical city and a major tourist destination with great Baroque architecture and interesting culture. The neighbour countries - Poland, Austria, Germany and Slovakia  - are also easy to reach.