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Charles University in Prague

Как подавать документы

If there is no entrance exam, applicants are assessed on the basis of submitted documents (e.g. SAT, A Level, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.). Prospective students are advised to visit the website of the respective faculty to find out what the specific admission requirements are.

5 Easy steps to apply:

  • choose a study programme and check the specific requirements.
  • have your previous education recognized in the Czech Republic (this can be done later, after you have received your diploma)
  • fill the online application form (be aware that some faculties have their own application forms)
  • pay the application fee, if required (approximately USD 30-50). The methods of payment will be included in the invitation letter to the entrance examinations.
  • print, sign and send the official application form, generated by the online system, to the respective faculty together with the following documents: a notarised copy of your secondary school leaving certificate or your Bachelor’s diploma or your Master’s diploma; an official transcript of records from your previous university studies; an official translation of the two above into Czech or English (if it was issued in a third language); a certificate of equivalence from Czech educational authorities which states that your certificate/diploma is recognised; in the Czech Republic (called “nostrification”), if you completed your previous education abroad; a receipt to show that you have paid the application fee

Application deadlines:

  • February 28 for bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes taught in Czech
  • Application deadlines for bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes taught in English can be found on the websites of the respective faculties.
  • April 30 for doctoral programmes

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Charles University in Prague
Ovocný trh 3-5, 116 36 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Czech Republic
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+420 224 491 111
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